Texas has 36 U.S. Congressional Districts and 2 U.S. Senatorial Districts..

There are 25 Republicans and 11 Democrats in Congress

and Two Republican Senators.

11 DEMOCRATS is NOT Enough!

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In 2014 David E. Cozad received the highest percentage of votes of all non-incumbent Democrats running for Federal offices in Texas. Thanks to you, he has emerged as one of the Democratic Challengers most likely to take the seat away from a Republican Incumbent in 2016.

I am asking that you give to this campaign now so that I can fight to bring high quality jobs back to Texas..

I will fight to build new, next generation industries here so Texans work for more than “just a living wage!”

Texas isn’t a place where folks should “just get by!” We are here to excel, to rise to the top, to thrive, to help others, to innovate and to create. We are here to be whom and what others envy and strive to become.

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  We can do it!


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