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Arlington, TX – August 4, 2015 – My friends and fellow Democrats, the time for the Texas Two Step is over and the time to act is now. If the Democratic Party does not want to be haunted by the ghosts of Vietnam again, it must support the President on the Iran Nuclear Agreement. My name is David Cozad and I am a candidate for Congress in Texas’ 6th District. I want to talk to you today about Iran and the true opportunity the world has been given and the alternative that has been avoided.

The US has come to a point where we can seriously discuss the first cornerstone of the foundation for peace in the Middle East. The successful negotiations with Iran have opened the door to a new era in Middle East stability, and the safety of our own homeland. IF this deal is undermined by reactionary votes, the peril we face is almost indescribable. The massive expense in treasure of any military undertaking in Iran would be disastrous to the US and world economies. And the cost in people could destabilize our society just as it did 50 years ago. And Iran would not be quiet on the terrorism front while it fought for its very existence, because that is how they will see this war. In a war of existence, all weapons are put on the table including nuclear weapons. And the worst scenario is terrorists with nuclear weapons. And that would be exactly what would happen if this agreement is thrown out.

While the United States and its allies can protect themselves against terrorism by taking swift and destructive action against terrorists and their proxies, there will be casualties at home and aboard.

The world yet again sees the United States taking the lead onto an unknown path, a path of great risk and great reward that many assumed was unreachable. The people of Iran want this agreement as do their relatively moderate leaders2. It is the hardliners, warmongers, and their leaders in both nations who oppose this agreement. It is not just the Iranian people’s desire to rid themselves of the shackles of economic sanctions that drives the moderates to this agreement. But it is the assurance they will have energy from nuclear powered reactors to keep their economy working after the oil runs out. Without a secure source of energy, no country can survive in this world3.

They are so ready, in fact; the Iranian people are willing to oppose their hardliners and warmongers in their demand to build nuclear weapons. After seeing the true impact of American leadership and resolve in offering the hand of compromise, they were willing to take the risk of a peaceful resolution.

Americans are determined. We are determined not to enter yet another Middle Eastern conflict. This conflict would lead to an undertaking so massive and atrocious, it dwarfs the scale of our own war in Vietnam. We are determined to protect the sacred lives of our sons and daughters who would undoubtedly be dragged into this conflict. We are determined to deter the rapid progression of ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction.

My friends and fellow Democrats, today I am urging you and the whole of the US Congress to approve the Iranian Nuclear deal. As a candidate for Congress, I stand in full support of American efforts to curb the progress of potential destruction. I know that this deal is the surest way we can ensure our safety and the safety of those abroad. Just as Communist China stopped its terrorist ways after President Nixon and Secretary Kissinger opened the door of the world to China, I am sure that Iran will do the same when the door is opened for them.

Thank you,

David E. Cozad

The 2014 Democratic Nominee and a declared 2016 candidate for U.S Congress in the U.S. Texas 6th District is a former U.S. Marine Corps. Officer who served as a Nuclear Artillery Specialist during the Cold War. A software engineer, Mr. Cozad was the project engineer for the development team which implemented the first cell phone service with text messaging, paging and voice mail capability in the USA, Argentina and Singapore.


David Cozad

 August 5, 2015
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