May 132015

Jim Wright

Arlington, TX:

Speaker Wright was a right and honorable man throughout his life wherever it took him. When life took him off to war, he served as a B-24 bombardier to fight against the foreign forces against democracy, liberty, and freedom. Then when returned from war, he found domestic forces against democracy, liberty, and freedom right here in Texas. He fought those forces by going into politics from a small town mayor to Speaker of the US House of Representatives. His determination and power to fight for the common people made equally powerful enemies. These anti-democracy, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom forces were able to force Speaker Wright from the US House, but not from his determination to continue the fight as a statesman of the people.

We have now lost this tremendous fighter for democracy, liberty, and freedom. And he will be sorely missed.

David E. Cozad
Candidate for US Congress TX6

Communications Director

 May 13, 2015
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